Pain Is

Founded in 2002 by Jerome Jaw, PAIN IS released their debut album "Here comes the Pain" in 2003. With their follow-up album "Painic" in 2005 the band set the next step in their band evolution. The way on their career continues when “Painback” was released in 2009. With the release of "God Particle" in 2012 PAIN IS finally find their own kind of music which led to several national and international shows all over Europe.

In the past years PAIN IS has played as Support for bands such as Alkbottle, Belphegor, Callejon, Deadlock, Die letzte Instanz, Eisbrecher, Hämatom, Kontrust, Malevolent Creation, Marrok, Nekrogoblikon, Sodom, Stahlzeit and The Sorrow.

Also they hit many festivals such as Donau Insel Festival, Hell over Vellach Festival, Hole of Metal Festival, Kaltenbach Open Air Festival, Metalfucktur Festival, Rock den See Festival and Sona Festival.

Metal aus Graz
Current album „Pain Is"


First Metal Festival
in the heart of Graz
- on the famous "Schloßberg"!

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