Thrashing since 1995

Ever since the very beginning in 1995, the Austrian band DARKFALL has been known for high-quality and uncompromising Thrashed Death Metal. With the first releases Winter Leaves (1998) and Dimensions Beyond (1999), as well as with the follow-ups Firebreed (2001) and Phoenix Rising (2006) the band has unarguably left its marks in the landscapes of Extreme Metal. The boxed set Through Fiery Times And Beyond (2008) finally immortalized the band's first ambitious years. The albums Road to Redemption (2013) and At The End Of Times (2017) are both a continuation of their legacy and brute campaigns towards a new era. Their latest split-album Thrashing Death Squad (2021), on which DARKFALL are fighting side by side with their brothers in arms MORTAL STRIKE, again combines all trademarks like brutal but nevertheless epic riffing, blasting drums and harsh growls of DARKFALL’s unique style.

1998 Winter Leaves
1999 Dimensions Beyond
2001 Firebreed
2004 Dimensions Beyond & Winter Leaves (Re-Release)
2006 Phoenix Rising
2008 Through Fiery Times And Beyond (Boxed Set)
2013 Road To Redemption
2017 Road To Redemption (Re-Release)
2017 At The End Of Times

2021 Thrashing Death Squad (split album)


First Metal Festival
in the heart of Graz
- on the famous "Schloßberg"!

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